Thursday, November 6, 2014

Iscroll 4.2.5 scroll has some how issue during scrolling

Today I tried to using I Scroll 4.2.5 for pullup to morelist and pulldown to refresh
But I was in trouble because if you scroll when it is already scrolling
page will refresh and you can see the position of scroll will be strange..

anyway I had to fix it

What i Changed code is

_start : .....

if (x != that.x || y != that.y) {
* hanwha 주석 2014-11-06 더블 스크롤시 화면이 튕기는 현상 제거
* david
//if (that.options.useTransition) that._unbind(TRNEND_EV);
//else cancelFrame(that.aniTime);
// that.steps = [];
// that._pos(x, y);
if (that.options.onScrollEnd);

this source is called when you are willing to scroll during scrolling.
in other word. double scrolling..

I hope to remever these things so

If you guys are faced with this problem.
remove that source.

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