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future project plan

1. There is no free chat site in Korea. Chatting  2, Link Page 3. Style application 4. tell me about what you can not tell (application)

file Explorer connect to ftp if error occur

make account for linux

KTH Board

Html Transperent Popup~!

Html TransPerent Popup~! to log4j.xml Translator

Extract Files(doc, excel) TO TEXT

this blod explain about what you are curious

tab menu html

루씬 기본 형태

I don't know this is my first time to write story about lucene
this is open  source that is powerfull~!

form now on I plan to write kind of tutorial of lucene

Free Form Builder


this is a part of javascript
after page being loaded window.onload will be called..

window.onload = init;

function init() {

function loginSubmit(){

HTML LeftMenu