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SRM 635 div 2 500

This is somehow easy comparing to other 500 point problem.

this is about a square root.

public class QuadraticLaw {

 public long getTime(long time){
  long number  = (long)Math.floor(Math.sqrt(time));
  for(long i=number; i>0; i--){
   if((i * i) + i <=  time){
    return i;
  return 0l;

SRM 635 DIV 2 250 problem in topcoder

This is somehow easy comparing to other 500 point problem.

this is about a square root.

public class QuadraticLaw {

 public long getTime(long time){
  long number  = (long)Math.floor(Math.sqrt(time));
  for(long i=number; i>0; i--){
   if((i * i) + i <=  time){
    return i;
  return 0l;

dp to px in Anroid

하늘을 날다~ 쿼드콥터 (1)

갑자기 하늘을 날아보고 싶다는 생각이 들었다. 과거 라이트형제은 날아보고 싶다는 생각에 비행기를 만들었을것이다. 나는 아두노이로 쿼드콥터를 만들어봐야겠다. 아두노이도 없고 부품도 없고 아무것도 없다. 부품도 사고 이것저것 사야할것 같다. 오늘부터 쿼드콥터를 만드는거 도전한다. 제발 만들다가 그만두지 말기를...

CustomComparator in java

import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Collections; import java.util.Comparator; public class SecondArray { public static ArrayList list = new ArrayList(); public static void main(String args[]){ CustomString cs= new CustomString("123744444"); list.add(cs); cs= new CustomString("421212345"); list.add(cs); cs= new CustomString("758312948"); list.add(cs); cs= new CustomString("134129302"); list.add(cs); cs= new CustomString("123755555"); list.add(cs); System.out.println(list); Collections.sort(list, new CustomComparator()); System.out.println(list); } } class CustomString { String [] devidedValues = new String[2]; CustomString(String value){ devidedValues[0] = value.substring(0, 4); devidedValues[1] = value.substring(4, value.length()); } /** * @return the devidedValues */ public String[] getDevidedValues() { return devidedValues; } /** * @param devidedValu…

Bucket List ~ Success and TODO


1. Getting the score over 900point in TOEIC
2. Going to america and Lasvegas~!
3. For honemoon, having good time in maldives


1. going to Europe .
2. Making bucket list application.
3. building a library

The difference between find('li:first') and find('li :fist') in jquery

Today I knew big difference between find $('ul').find('li:first') and find('li :first')

find('li:first') this will Return first li tag

find('li :fist') this will Return firlst tag of first li tag

Thinking about multi reply table in oracle~!

In these days, people want to spend their more time with mobile than Pc. Pc resolution is very high. so it is very readable in short time. Mobile resolution size is smaller than PC. so paradigm of design is simple. It seems that people like if something is so simple. what I want to say is multi reply system is not many used in these days.
but I have to know how to think and make table for multi reply in board.
one way : 

column : id subcolumn : parent id, title
Id is unique value and parent id indicate Id and more and more
this architecture can make limitless depth replies.
query can express by using oracle grammer connect by

In my opinion
advantage : formal and readable disadvantage : many article, connect by spend much time to query

the other recommendable way : 
column : id subcolumn : order_id, title, root_comment_id, depth

I want to show you ex)..
id                                   title,        depth  depth_order     root_comment_id 00000000001               root title         …

angular infinite $digest loop error solution

I used ui.router and someday i found out
error console show me this error

10 $digest() iterations reached. Aborting! Watchers fired in the last 5 iterations: [["fn: $locationWatch; newVal: 32; oldVal: 31"],["fn: $locationWatch; newVal: 33; oldVal: 32"],["fn: $locationWatch; newVal: 34; oldVal: 33"],["fn: $locationWatch; newVal: 35; oldVal: 34"],["fn: $locationWatch; newVal: 36; oldVal: 35"]]
and I debug for whole day and gave up.
after debugging, I seached on internet and many people face with this problem.
and I finally fix the error
Before if I used location.href='#/xxxxxx' and changed is $location.path(realpath);

mobile Html page box-sizing

if you want to muliline ellipsis effect

overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;display: -webkit-box;-webkit-line-clamp: 3;-webkit-box-orient: vertical;word-wrap: break-word;

this would be a solution for you

Iscroll 4.2.5 in iput, textarea, select focus issue

I used I scroll and It was very good.

and I can't complete mobile web project because in Iscroll div I can't touch and input, textarea, select never clicked.

I find some article that somebody shared..

and all the things that I saw internet was not working.
and tried to find more and more

this is my solution

onBeforeScrollStart: function (e) {
var nodeType = e.explicitOriginalTarget ? e.explicitOriginalTarget.nodeName.toLowerCase():( ?'');
if(nodeType !='select' && nodeType !='option' && nodeType !='input' && nodeType!='textarea') e.preventDefault();

Iscroll 4.2.5 scroll has some how issue during scrolling

Today I tried to using I Scroll 4.2.5 for pullup to morelist and pulldown to refresh
But I was in trouble because if you scroll when it is already scrolling
page will refresh and you can see the position of scroll will be strange..

anyway I had to fix it

What i Changed code is

_start : .....

if (x != that.x || y != that.y) {
* hanwha 주석 2014-11-06 더블 스크롤시 화면이 튕기는 현상 제거
* david
//if (that.options.useTransition) that._unbind(TRNEND_EV);
//else cancelFrame(that.aniTime);
// that.steps = [];
// that._pos(x, y);
if (that.options.onScrollEnd);

this source is called when you are willing to scroll during scrolling.
in other word. double scrolling..

I hope to remever these things so

If you guys are faced with this problem.
remove that source.