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Difference Between Connection Time out and Socket Time out~!!!

this is easy but easily fogettable

Connection Timeout is is the timeout in making the initial connection

Socket Timeout is the timeout on waiting to read data.

don't forget it~!

oracle query trace

1. first of all need to find session id if you use any tool loke toad or sqldeveloper

SELECT * FROM v$session

2. connect oracle by console

sqlplus '/as sysdba'
                                                                                sessionid  , serial
execute sys.dbms_system.set_sql_trace_in_session(1151,29373,true);

find recently maed using
ls -ltr

tkprof filename.trc customname.txt explain=user/pw sys=no

ex)tkprof neosns_ora_7274.trc t1.txt explain=neo_sns/neo_sns_dba sys=no

execute sys.dbms_system.set_sql_trace_in_session(1151,29373,false);

Making Secure Communication With RSA, DES [java]

Today I tried to write secure communication between client and server

i want to use ssl way

step by step I make example

and you just this process if you want secure communication

## Client ##
1. making publicKey and privateKey using RSA
2, making publicKey to Base64 String
3. give it(publicKey) to Server

## Server ##
4. receive publicKey from client and decode Bas64String to byte[]
5. get object publicKey
6. making symmetric-key (Random 16 number)
7. encryting publickey symmetric-key and give it to client

.. and

you can make encrypted  message by using des or any with symmetric-key

The point is symmetric-key is exposed to only one client and one server

 * (c)Copyright 2010-2010, BaruSoft Co., Ltd. All rights reserved <br/>
 * @description <br/>
 * @create 2013. 8. 21.
 * @author jjhangu
package secure;


SVN Merge

1. 먼저 원본 프로젝트에서 team->branch 생성하면 브랜치로 변경된다

2. switch 로 브랜치로 이동후 작업을 한다.

3. 다 완료하면 커밋치고

4. switch 로 원본 프로젝트 선택

5. 원본 프로젝트에서 merge 를 눌러서  머지 한다