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Netty (2)

Yesterday I started  netty becasue of trying to make game server
And I read the article why multi networking program recommend netty
yeseter day i Make chatting source and
what i made are below list
This is My Chat JavaAPI
id:id   = Make User Id
s:room_seq:message  =  Write message in special room
m:name  = make room and write name mo:  = out room
in:room_seq  = enter the chat room
bye:  = exit chatting
sh:  = show user sr :  = user room

and I will make more apis
which are queries like general database
My Finall purpose is make rooms when admin want to make and
all around people can access rooms if they download Android application.
after completion of chatting server, I will open API and source for you guys and relasese for free.

Netty ~ (1)

Today I start to study Netty

this is well-known for networking program like chatting or game server and so on

this is NIO means non blocking

and I will write what i learn from netty~

expect ~~ haha