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TOPCORDER SRM598 DIV2 BinPackingEasy

Problem is

Problem Statement Fox Ciel has some items. The weight of the i-th (0-based) item is item[i]. She wants to put all items into bins.

The capacity of each bin is 300. She can put an arbitrary number of items into a single bin, but the total weight of items in a bin must be less than or equal to 300.

You are given the int[] item. It is known that the weight of each item is between 101 and 300, inclusive. Return the minimal number of bins required to store all items. Definition Class: BinPackingEasy Method: minBins Parameters: int[] Returns: int Method signature: …


The Question is

Problem Statement Fox Ciel received a string as a birthday present. However, the string was too long for her, so she decided to make it shorter by erasing some characters.

The erasing process will look as follows: Find the smallest i such that the i-th character and the (i+1)-th character of the string are same. If there is no such i, end the process. Remove the i-th and the (i+1)-th character of the string, and repeat from 1.

For example, if she receives "cieeilll", she will change the string as follows: "cieeilll" -> "ciilll" -> "clll" -> "cl". You are given a String s. Return the string she will get after she erases characters as described above. Definition���…

Make small cafe DIY(Do it yourself)~

My name English Name is David Jung linving in korea. 2013/11/29 was just one year passed from meeting my girlFriend. so I wanted make her surprized and mad samll cafe for her i made it for about more than 20 hours.

complete ~ wow ~