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About yobi memory and issue

For a while I had no time to upload blog about my daily life and IT technology.
I think time is so fast anyway
What I want to focus on today is source management like github.
In korea, there is search site like google. The company is called NHN.
People who work in that company made issues and source managing tool.
they opened and uploaded it to github. this is site.

this is aewsome without one condition. after three day working, it occur memory leak.

so I had to stop and start up it. again and again.

I decided to make cron and register it. do it day by day.

this is my script.

echo $(date +"%m-%d-%Y %r")

echo start yobi

rm /home/yobi/yobi-0.8.2/bin/yobipid.log

ps -ef | grep yobi >> /home/yobi/yobi-0.8.2/bin/yobipid.log

echo '-----------------------'

while read U pid ext
echo $U pid is $pid
kill -9 $pid
echo process is killed
done </home/yobi/yobi-0.8.2/bin/yobipid.log

if test -f /home/yobi/yobi-0.8.2/RUNNING_PID
echo file is exist
echo remove RUNNING_PID
rm /home/yobi/yobi-0.8.2/RUNNING_PID
echo removed
echo file is not exist

echo startup
echo success


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