problem 287 in project euler

I took 5 hours to solve this problem. thinking time and coding time is 5hours first approch this problem was math approach D1, D2, D3, D4 and there is nothing related to math. 2. second was finding pattern. with eclipse tool I was able to draw D1, to D7 but nothing found without only one thing that is black circle. 3. thought lots time and look deeply more and more. 4. finally found that It could be possible that whether all blocks are colorerd black or not if I check only four couners. 5. divide and conquer bruteforce check. 6. I got answer after 5min process. I think it it too long. 7. I started customized removing duplicated conditions. 8. 10second. 9. I changed Math.pow to a * a . 10 finally I can solve this one within 1 second


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