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My answer is O(n) and just use Math.abs 

Given the positions of a white bishop and a black pawn on the standard chess board, determine whether the bishop can capture the pawn in one move.
The bishop has no restrictions in distance for each move, but is limited to diagonal movement. Check out the example below to see how it can move:
  • For bishop = "a1" and pawn = "c3", the output should be
    bishopAndPawn(bishop, pawn) = true.
  • For bishop = "h1" and pawn = "h3", the output should be
    bishopAndPawn(bishop, pawn) = false.
  • [execution time limit] 3 seconds (java)
  • [input] string bishop
    Coordinates of the white bishop in the chess notation.
  • [input] string pawn
    Coordinates of the black pawn in the same notation.
  • [output] boolean
    true if the bishop can capture the pawn, false otherwise.
[Java] Syntax Tips
// Prints help message to the console
// Returns a string
// Globals declared here will cause a compilation error,
// declare variables inside the function instead!
String helloWorld(String name) {
    System.out.println("This prints to the console when you Run Tests");
    return "Hello, " + name;


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